General Information

What is the time difference?

The time in Uganda is 8 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

What is the voltage in Uganda?

The voltage in Uganda is 240, the same as the UK.

What language will be spoken?

English is the “official” language in Uganda, and the majority of the population can speak fluent English. However, you may encounter some people - generally older Ugandans or those who live in particularly remote areas - who do not speak English. The native language is Luganda, and Swahili is spoken in certain regions as well.

What is the currency/exchange rate?

The currency in Uganda is the Ugandan Shilling (UGX). As of November 2017, $1 USD is equal to 3,638.46 UGX.

Is traveler’s insurance necessary?

Traveler’s insurance is not required to enter Uganda or to go on safari, but it is recommended. We cannot give advice on traveler’s insurance options. Contact your local insurance broker to inquire about purchasing a traveler’s policy.  

What is the minimum age requirement?

There is no minimum age requirement to go on safari, but children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Can you accommodate a handicapped individual?

Yes. Please inform us of any special requirements prior to your trip. Not all facilities are handicap accessible. As such, we will need to make special arrangements, which may require extensive pre-planning.

Can we “communicate” with the “outside world”? (i.e. make overseas calls)

Yes. Wifi is fairly reliable in Uganda with the purchase of an internet plan. You can also purchase an inexpensive phone and service for standard calls to the US and abroad, or you can set up international service with your carrier prior to leaving your home country.

How large are the touring groups?

This is up to you. We offer safaris for individuals, as well as for large groups. Your group will be private, unless you request otherwise.

How many tour guides per group?

This depends on the number of people in your group, and the duration of your safari.

What type of vehicle will we travel in?

Malayaka House Safari Tours has one safari vehicle, which we have lovingly named “Stretch.” It is a modified Land Cruiser, with a pop top, that seats 8 comfortably. If your group is larger, we will hire other vehicles as well.

Do we tip the guides or is that included in the pricing?

There is no requirement to tip the guides, but you may do so at your discretion.

What are the costs, do you offer different packages?

The costs vary on the size of your group, the duration of your safari and your chosen accommodations. They can range from $500 per person and more. Please inquire about price and package options.


Safety Information

Is our safety at risk?

Uganda is a safe, welcoming country. Of course, anything can happen anywhere in the world, so there are no guarantees. But if you use your head, you are just as safe in Uganda as anywhere.

How qualified are the guides?

Malayaka House Safari Tour guides have been running safaris for more than two years, and we know the parks exceptionally well. However, most safaris also include the company of a park ranger, who are experts on their particular park and the flora and fauna within it.

Do we need immunization? (Shots/ malaria/meds to bring)

Yes. Prior to traveling to Uganda, you will need to visit your local travel clinic to get the necessary immunizations and medications. The only immunization you are required to get is the Yellow Fever shot, which lasts 10 years. It is also recommended that you obtain a prescription for an anti-malaria medication, such as Malarone, which you will take during your time in Uganda. Your doctor may also recommended other vaccinations, such as those for different strains of Hepatitis and Tetanus. It may take several weeks to get an appointment with your local travel clinic, so don’t wait until the last minute!

Does weather affect ability to go?

Not usually. Uganda’s climate is relatively mild. Even during rainy season, there are generally several dry hours during the day. We haven’t had a weather cancelation yet, and we don’t expect to any time soon.


Accommodation and Lodging

What are the accommodations?

(Tents vs standing shelters) - Accommodations range from simple tents to luxurious suites.

How far from the closest airport?

Malayaka House is located in Entebbe, 5 miles from the Entebbe International Airport. You will spend a night or two in Entebbe, resting and getting over your jet lag. During this time, you may visit the children at Malayaka House, if you choose. Once you are well rested, we will leave for your safari. The parks are between 5 and 8 hours from Malayaka House, but we make plenty of stops along the way. And the drive is part of the fun - there’s no better way to see this beautiful country!

Will someone pick us up?

Yes, you will be picked up at the airport.


Animals and Wildlife

What animals will we possibly see?

Depending on the parks you visit, you can see lions, leopards, hippos, zebras, giraffes, chimpanzees, baboons, rhinos, warthogs, water buffalo, hyenas, crocodiles, gorillas, hundreds of different types of birds, and much more.

Are we guaranteed to see animals?

If so, what kind? Yes. You are guaranteed to see lots of animals. There are a few animals, such as the leopard, which may not show themselves on every safari. But these are the exception.

What are the requirements for entry into Africa?

You will need to obtain a valid passport well in advance of your travel, and you will need to purchase a visa either before your trip, or at the airport when you arrive to Entebbe. The cost of a visa is $50 USD. If you do not pre-purchase your visa, you will need to have a fifty-dollar bill with you when you arrive to Entebbe. Check with your consulate for more information.

What should we pack?

Pack good, closed-toed shoes for long walks and hikes, as well as at least one pair of long pants and at least one pull-over or jacket in case it gets chilly. The temperature can become quite cool in the evenings, especially during rainy season. Also pack a rain jacket, shorts, short-sleeved shirts, sandals, bug spray, any necessary medications, sunblock, a sun-blocking hat, and a bathing suit for swimming in any of the lodge’s pools.

How far in advance do we need to book/plan?

We suggest booking at least one month ahead of time, maybe more if you wish to visit the gorillas. But we also accept last minute bookings.

Why book a Safari in Uganda?

What separates Uganda from the other parts of Africa? Uganda is special because it is still somewhat of a hidden gem, but not for long. Safari-goers in Kenya and Tanzania may find themselves in long caravans of safari vehicles, struggling for a good view because their vehicle is toward the end of the line. In Uganda, you will see other vehicles, but the parks are far from crowded. There is still an old-world feel to Ugandan safaris, similar to what you see in the movies. The kind of safaris we’ve all dreamed of since childhood. You’ll feel more like an explorer than a tourist.



If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please contact us.